We strive to developEco friendly chemistry more Eco Friendly products every day.

Our primary goal is to help our clients solve their problems, without creating new ones. We strive to apply the latest developments in chemistry whenever we can.

This not only produces safer, cleaner products but also works to reduce costs by working faster or with less product.


Starting with Green standards framework as our model, every new product we build generally has the following properties:

  1. Fully biodegradable in less than 30 days
  2. Very low toxicity to animals
  3. Low to very low toxicity to aquatic life
  4. Non-carcinogenic
  5. Does not use endocrine (hormone) disruptors
  6. Will not contribute to Eutrophication (overgrowth of algae)


This is a simplification of the qualities of modern Green standards, but it should give you a basic concept of our goals.  We choose these standards as our template for building our products because we believe they are of the highest caliber when it comes to Eco friendly among the Green Certification programs.

In addition, we are now building products with Sustainability in mind. Whenever possible, we are incorporating products based on Coconut, Corn, Sugar or other bio-based primary ingredients.

We have helped many companies solve their cleaning and environmental footprint problems using this approach, and many more are in the works.  Let us help you today!

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